Friday, April 3, 2009

so... where was I?


I was just getting to my favorite vegetarian food cart when I heard a man with brown curly hair tell a girl with too tight wellies that she looked like Sophia Loren. She was in front of me in line. I couldn't see her face but I could hear her expression.
She clearly had no idea who he was talking about.
The man's voice was not overly sentimental, but he was twinkly and barely able to contain his smile in a way that reminded me I need to look around more often.
It was in this moment I realized it was spring.

I mean full on spring.
The kind of spring that brutaly hits you over the head with its springy-ness
and then leaves you for dead. After the thump there might even be some snickering and a, "see ya sucker!"

So it is this week where every last daffodil can bee found stretching its delicate little head to eavesdrop on the goings on this side of the mulch. And although I can't be one hundred percent sure what it is they are all knodding their heads in agreement about I know I want in on the conversation.

I don't normally like to tell people when my birthday is.
I blush far to easily and never know what to say when opening gifts in front of people.
I also fully realize the irony of mentioning this on a public forum and I am not doing it to be ironic.

But because it is around my birthday and I am edging towards soemthing big,
and because it is spring and there is a pervasive sense of newness I guess I kinda....
I feel like I want to be startn' somethn'