Monday, June 30, 2008

Rosemary Skewered Shrimp from The Mayor


Just in time for fourth of July grilling comes a recipe straight from the very woman who taught me how to light my hand on fire with out getting burnt.
(seriously...kind of like this)
If that won't give you grill cred I don't know what will.
A real wonder woman, The Mayor is both my big brother and my little mama.
When she isn't "kissing hands and shaking babies" on the beat , she's generally walking around scorching the pavement with her white hot sex appeal, running a painting company , and stopping every so often to make sweet love to a Cuban sandwich.
P.S. those aren't euphemism's.

This one is super simple and deliciously delicious, lending itself to an infinite number of variations.
The Mayor suggests melting a little butter with hot sauce as a marinade and using some BBQ sauce for grilling.
You could also marinate it with garlic / white white, slather it with a citrusy BBQ sauce or simply serve it over a bowl of rice or a salad.
Either way it cooks up in a snap with minimal preparation.
The Perfect appetizer for hungry BBQ guests awaiting the goods.

When marinading, remember to use shelled shrimp as the marinade will not penetrate the shell.

If you plan to use this as a main , count on about 1/2 a pound feeding one person.

Keep in mind the rosemary will catch fire if your cooking over an open flame.
It looks cool and smells great but obviously presents a challenge to the safety and well being of those around you.

Minimize risk by submerging the rosemary in a water bath before grill time, blowing out the flames (happy birthday !) or stamping them with the end of your tongs.
Another option is to skip the whole fire hazard thing entirely and use a
grill pan.

This "recipe" is a little amorphous on the proportions , but the way you build it is pretty straightforward.
You should have an equal number of all the ingredients in a 1:1 ratio.
(one rosemary to one shrimp to one tomato to one piece of bacon...)

If you have shrimpy shrimp feel free to double up two small ones on one rosemary sprig.

You can also stretch out your tomatoes and bacon by slicing each in half.

Rosemary skewered Shrimp with bacon and cherry tomatoes

  • Shrimp that has been shelled and de-veined. we started with a bag of about 25.
  • Rosemary springs
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Bacon

Start by stripping the Rosemary.
This sprig is going to act as the "backbone" of the appetizer.
Depending on the size of your shrimp you are going to want to strip off about 2 inches of leaves.
It is better to err on the side of too few.
You want to be sure your stem is both long enough and bare enough to accommodate your shrimp, a slice of bacon and a tomato.
Choose woodier rosemary about 4-5 inches in length.
The woodier stem will be less floppy and easier to control on the grill.

Start by poking the rosemary stem through one end of a piece of bacon.
Thread on the shrimp , then the other end of the bacon so that it covers one side of the shrimp like a meaty half moon ribbon.
Last, punctuate the stem with a cherry tomato finial at the bottom.

If you are finding it difficult to use the rosemary as a skewer, use an actual skewer, chop-stick or knife to make holes in the shrimp etc. first.
The rosemary will thread through more easily.

Keep in mind shrimp does not have to be cooked over a ridiculously high heat.
Let's go with a medium flame, otherwise you could save yourself a lot of time and just skewer some charcoal brickets and call it a day.
Ya heard?

The small shrimp took roughly a minute and a half on each side.
Larger shrimp about 2-3 minutes each side.

Shrimp are great to cook on the grill because they tell you when they are done.
Raw shrimp are often ocean colors like blue or slate gray
and change to sunset colors when cooked - pink or orange.

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